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Vehicle Theft

Vehicle Burglaries are one of the most common crimes in Provo. This type of opportunistic crime is easily avoidable. Not every citizen who made a vehicle burglary report last month knew if their doors were left unlocked. However, looking at the statistics from July 2021 we know that at least 61% of the vehicles reported were. 


Avoiding detection is a common component of vehicle burglaries. Door locks can be defeated with a tool, windows can be broken if needed, but these methods take time and draw attention. More often than not, these “window shoppers” are merely checking to see if doors are left unlocked. They will move from vehicle to vehicle until they find the ones that are. So always remember to lock your doors. 


Don’t leave backpacks, electronics, purses/wallets, or other obvious items of value in your vehicle. If nothing of value is seen inside, the risk outweighs the reward, and it just might discourage someone from choosing your vehicle.

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