Thank you so much for your interest in provology.

Fall 2021 Session

This is an 11 week program. In order to get the full benefit, please plan on attending the full 11 weeks.

Online enrollment opens August 23rd – September 13th - or until full. Class size is limited.

Class Session Dates: Sept 22th – Dec 7th (No class during the week of Thanksgiving, November 25th)

Class Time: 6:30-9:00 PM

Graduation/Recognition: December 7th, 2021


Once you have been confirmed to participate, a calendar with specific dates, times, locations and presentations will be provided.

Confirmation will be provided via Email

Have you ever wondered how the City operates? Where our water comes from or how the fire department responds to emergencies? Here's your chance to find out! In addition to our well known Police Citizen's Academy, Provo now also offers a citizen academy called Provology 101. Provology 101 is a fun and interactive class where Provo residents have the opportunity to learn about many Provo city departments and the role they play in city operations.

Participants will learn from representatives from departments such as Energy, Customer Service, Airport, Parks and Recreation, and hear from members of the City Council, and the Mayor's office. In this course citizens will take a behind the scenes look at the services offered and have the chance to ask questions and take facility tours.

This introductory level class is held twice a year, meeting weekly for eleven weeks at various locations in Provo. Our goal is to help residents increase their ability to understand what’s happening in Provo, become familiar with city government, and become more involved. 

Ready to join us on this adventure of learning? Enrollment in this free program is open only to adult Provo residents, and class size is limited. To learn more about Provology 101 please contact the Program Coordinator. To sign up, follow the link above to the online application.

Questions? Please contact Dixon Holmes - 801-852-6110 or via email : Dixon@Provo.Org