Planning for a Regional Sports Park


• Provo has a critical local need for recreation sports fields with 330+ local sports teams limited

to 11 sports fields


• Land was obtained through Provo School District, BYU, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day

Saints and John Hinkley with a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) designation

now forever preserving this public space


• Flexible design provides maximize use


• Almost 1/3 of the project costs are committed from grants outside of Provo



• Positions Provo as an attractive sports travel destination with the ideal climate and central location

to host the best in regional sports from the desert southwest and other regions of the country


• Proximity to I-15 and the new Provo Municipal Airport terminal will provide convenient travel

options for sports teams, spectators and other visitors.



• Sports travel tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry with 30+ million dollars of local spending

creating a diverse economic impact to local hospitality, transportation, restaurants, and entertainment


• Local sports families can save travel costs by attending hometown tournaments and benefit their

own local economy with more local spending


• Soon to be the largest multi-purpose sports facility in Utah, it

will join the Provo Recreation Center, Peaks Ice Arena, Timpanogos

Golf Club, and the Covey Center for the Arts as industry leaders in

delivering world-class recreation services to the community.


• This legacy facility combines traditional team sports with walking

paths, playgrounds, pickleball and other features that will promote

active/healthy lifestyles for people of all ages


• A special design emphasis on superior access and traffic flow

throughout the facility that is unseen at any current facility and

will set best industry standards.