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New Provo City Mission Statement

‘Welcome Home’ is the Provo City motto. It reflects how we hope all feel in Provo—whether resident, business, visitor or City employee.


The people of Provo are its ‘secret sauce’ to success and you’re also the reason we work hard to make our community an attractive choice to live, work and play.


There are more than 20,000 incorporated communities in America, with many struggling. Others, like Provo City, are community building together and achieving national accolades for their efforts.


Milken Institute recognized Provo City as the nation’s “Best Performing City,” for the second year in a row (2020, 2021). I was honored to accept the top award amongst other deserving cities including Austin, Miami, Denver and Los Angeles.


To continue this successful service, however, we are setting our standards even higher—to be exceptional. This new standard is now the driving force behind our first ever Provo City mission statement:


Exceptional care for an exceptional community


I can’t think of a better word to describe my 

expectations for our service delivery to our residents because we ARE an exceptional community—and by working together, we will remain one.


“Exceptional results arrive only when exceptional people put in exceptional effort. It never arises by accident or good fortune.” - Peter Thomas


Provo's new city hall receives industry praise


Not only does the new five story Provo City Hall and Public Safety Headquarters, located on Center Street and 500 West, catch attention, but it is also earning industry praise for its design and functionality.


Utah Construction & Design magazine highlighted Provo City Hall in its August/September 2022 issue.


Multiple Use Functionality with Timeless Design

“The combination of public safety combined with city hall functions makes it very unique. The separation of all the security was quite a challenge…with a good solution [being] public safety on one side and city on the other side.”


A dynamic four-story lobby space designed around a “slot canyon” concept turned out to be an incredible visual highlight that worked well within the space constraints.


Making Public Safety the Priority

“Police, public safety and 911 emergency operations spaces… meet the national standards of the Commission on Accreditatino for Law Enforcment Agencies—both from a functional and physical facility standpoint.”


“A powerful 2.5-MW diesel generator provides backup for critical functions, ensuring continued operation during power outages or other catastrophic events. The data center was engineered for 99.99% reliability.”


“Structurally, the building is designed to withstand a major seismic event with a structural steel and buckling restrained brace system with concrete on metal decking. Exterior finishes of steel, concrete, brick, GFRC, EIFS, and an aluminum storefront offer a strong aesthetic appeal.”


Net Zero Sustainability

“Another highlight is that the building was designed to meet stringent net zero sustainability standards for emissions. The all-electric building required a complex energy model along with specialized HVAC and cooling systems.”


On-Time and On-Budget

“We experienced the worst construction influences in my lifetime—the pandemic, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and inflation—yet this project was on time and on budget.”

Winter 2022 GreenXchange Rebates.png

Rec Center Membership Promotion


During the months of December and January you can buy a 12-month paid-in-full membership and get an extra month free!


See Rec Center staff for details

The purpose of the Neighborhood District Program is to provide for public participation and involvement in Provo City affairs and to provide a mechanism for communication between the City Council and the public. This update to the former Neighborhood Program goes into effect January 1, 2023.


The Neighborhood District shall work to:

  • Identify and build on the strengths and assets of each Neighborhood in order to solve local problems and meet local needs and desires.

  • Bring Neighborhood residents and other local stakeholders (including Neighborhood businesses and residential landlords) together to achieve the shared goals of the Neighborhood District Program.

  • Bring other non-governmental organizations and local nonprofit organizations to help deliver services that are needed by residents within their Neighborhood District area.

  • Create opportunities for community building among residents (i.e., service projects, beautification efforts, social activities, etc.)

  • Organize yearly social activities for the individual neighborhoods within their boundaries. 

Visit to apply!

Christmas Vibes

Christmas Tree Pickup begins January  2nd and goes until January 26th.  Sanitation crews will only pick up green, unflocked, and undecorated trees. Christmas trees need to be placed on the curb to be picked up.

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