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E-Bikes Now Rolling in Provo

Active transportation is an important part of our community. Human-powered mobility, such as biking, walking, or rolling, is used regularly not only as a spectacular recreational opportunity but also as a healthy transportation alternative.


Recognizing its importance in our comprehensive multi-modal city transportation plan, we introduced a scooter pilot program in 2019, with the goal of ultimately providing e-bikes. I am proud to say, we have now achieved that goal.


On October 10, 2022, Provo City launched its partnership with Bird, to provide a multi-modal shared mobility program. Provo residents and visitors can now rent both electric bikes and scooters throughout the city, accessed via the Bird app on their smartphones.


Maintaining the quality of life is a top priority, so it was crucial that our mobility partner have the proven ability to help cities maximize access while minimizing the public nuisance potential of unused vehicles. Bird currently operates multiple shared mobility programs throughout Utah, including in Orem, Ogden, Sandy, West Valley, and Millcreek and we are excited to welcome them to Provo.


Scooters and e-bikes are an essential link in mass transit convenience as they provide for the first- and last-mile of mass transit use.


Provo’s Mobility Program

Up to 500 scooters & 200 e-bikes.


Bird Payment Information

  • Community Pricing Program: Bird offers qualifying groups such as veterans, students, teachers, senior citizens, and low-income individuals 50% off rides. Apply on their website.

  • Alternative Payment Methods: Scooters may be rented by those without a smartphone using the methods outlined on their website. Scooters may be rented by those without a credit card using the methods outlined on their website.

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Experience Provo

Have you ever wondered what the inside of Provo’s 6 million gallon water tank looked like? Or would you like to have a personal tour of the Provo Library hosted by the person who helped restore it? Would you like to tour the new city hall? The new airport?  


Experience Provo is a new virtual reality 

experience that is designed to let you go behind-the-scenes for everything Provo. Whether you’re watching in your VR goggles, computer, cell phone or tablet, Experience 

Provo will give you a unique immersive experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 


To find out more check out



Imagine a day, a week, or even a year where you lose access to technology, and you begin to realize how important it is for daily life. Think now how much more difficult things like applying for or performing a job, paying a bill, gaining an education, or connecting to loved ones become without access. Yet, there are individuals in our neighborhood who, due to affordability or lack of knowledge, do not have a computer device or access to the internet. This barrier, which we call the Digital Divide, prevents these neighbors we care about from being able to participate in today’s digital society and hurts the economic vibrancy of our community.


You can help by assisting those around us get connected to skills, devices, and the internet.We are lucky that our community has a lot of help available so even just linking an individual to community services can go a long way. Our community has free and low-cost computer literacy courses, access to affordable internet, and affordable devices. Even better, each of these services are available for those in need by making a single phone call to United Way (dial 211).


Provo City Digital Inclusion programming is made possible by the efforts of our community engaged partners including, United Way, Provo City, Provo School District, Provo Library, Provo Recreation Center, Provo Adult Education, Intuitive IT, Google Fiber, Comcast, and the numerous volunteers that give of their time and love to better their fellow man.


For a listing of known digital inclusion services check out the online listing at, 

call United Way by dialing 211, or visit any of our Digital Inclusion partner sites.


Whitney Gillman

Miss Provo 2021 | Platform | The future is female!

Inspiring self-confidence by sharing skills with girls ages 7-18.

Thank you Whitney for your hard work in making a difference!

Glory Thomas

Miss Provo 2022 | Platform | Be the one to make a difference!

Working as a community on an anti-bullying/suicide 

prevention campaign.

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