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Provo City Library atAcademy Square Celebrates 21 Years

Provo City proudly adopted ‘Welcome Home’ as its slogan. This well-known phrase captures the community we strive to be. Nothing is more important to creating a welcoming city culture than our employees. Provo City has approximately1400 part- and full-time employees who are on the frontlines of service delivery to residents. Each passionate public servant builds our community with every positive resident interaction—and some,due to their visible role, create a personal legacy and a community icon.


Twenty-three years ago, Gene Nelson brought his expertise in library construction and his love of children’s literature to Provo to oversee the restoration of the Brigham Young Academy. Originally constructed in 1891, the Brigham Young Academy was a gathering place for Provo residents. Under Gene’s guidance,the renovated Provo City Library at Academy Square continues to enrich our community by promoting endless educational opportunities in art, literacy, and community activities.


Gene was instrumental in making the Provo City Library a landmark and a community hub—with his love for serving Provo evident in the Library’s many innovations and varied offerings. His influence stretches from the elegant ballroom, the art gallery and the Basement Creative Lab to his imagination-inducing Story Room and popular events such as reading symposiums and the Valentine’s Ball. With his recent retirement, the attic exhibition space will be renamed as the Gene Nelson Attic in his honor, leaving a deserving and lasting legacy within the walls he so loved.


Of Gene’s many legacies, perhaps his greatest is his amazing staff who have followed his lead and who now remain entrusted to continue moving the Provo Library forward.

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A new Fall Baseball program September 8-October 4Coed 3rd-6th GradeVisit to register

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Recycling has many benefits, such as saving energy and resources, protecting the environment, and reducing waste that goes into landfills.


However, putting non-recyclable items in the recycle bin can be counterproductive. Non-recyclables in the bin, referred to as contaminants, include plastic bags, dirty materials, styrofoam, and all other garbage. These items can cause a problem for machinery at the recycling plant as well as create safety concerns for the people that work there. All contaminants mixed with recycling get pulled out and sent to the landfill, which means the city ends up spending more money to haul it there. Contaminants like food and grease can also ruin items that could have been recycled.


When it comes to recycling remember to only put the Super 6 in the bin: cardboard, paper, food boxes, aluminum cans, steel cans, &plastic containers. Remember, “when in doubt, throw it out!”


For information on what should and shouldn’t go into recycling bins, please

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