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Pinching Pennies

Once construction began on Provo’s taxpayer-approved public safety headquarters and city hall, I challenged department directors to critically examine their needs and current staffing. Citizens supported replacing our failing city facilities—and it was important we honor that trust with a well-run government.


All department directors were tasked with ensuring we were taking an efficient, right-sized city organization into our new facilities. Each diligently reviewed organizational charts with citizen service needs as the guiding principle and made staffing adjustments accordingly.


As we officially begin operating from the new facility, we are faced with an uncertain economy of rising inflation, increasing prices, staffing challenges and supply chain issues. Knowing this, it was vital Provo City proactively create a leaner government without sacrificing quality city services. By getting ‘our house in order,’ we are better positioned to handle the rising costs of service delivery.


Rising prices on fuel, fleet vehicles and construction materials have made the cost of doing business increase dramatically. Through fiscal forward-thinking, the material costs for two of our large capital projects, Provo City Airport and Provo City Public Safety Headquarters and City Hall, were locked-in prior to the sharp increase in costs.


For the past two years, Provo City was recognized as the nation’s Best Performing City. While proud of that accomplishment, we’re never done improving and will continue to find ways to serve citizens better.

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Back to School!

It’s Back to School time! There’s a lot to do to be successful. Luckily there are a lot of signs to help, especially how to park!


Watch out for No Parking, Permit Parking and Timed Parking signs in and around your campus and most importantly look out for crosswalks and school zones.

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