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Issue 2

Is Provo a place you are proud to call home?
We hope the answer is always yes! But when it’s not, we want to work together to improve...

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Issue 3

Despite 2020 being historic for its challenges, I am pleased to report Provo is strong and will remain so with a continued focus on four key areas...

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Issue 4

In the 1980s, a developer wanted to put a road through

Rock Canyon for a project in the back mountains.

Francine Bennion had another vision, one of preserving

the canyon, so she began voicing her concerns, with

tact and eloquence. Slowly, a movement took shape,

and the developer’s project never went through...

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Issue 5

Thanks to the support of Provo citizens, construction on our new Provo City Hall is well underway! Once complete, our current Provo City Hall, built in 1974, will be demolished to make way for an exciting 4.5-acre city block redevelopment...


Issue 6

This edition of our newsletter looks at one

issue we deal with often here at the city

offices: water. Provo has been, and remains,

forward-looking on this topic, as with so many

other topics...

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Issue 7

When I think of Chief Ferguson, I can’t help but get

emotional. We came into our respective roles as

mayor and police chief in Provo at the same time. Both

naturally cautious, we spent hours gaining each other’s

trust and more importantly, sharing our commitment

for a safe and sound Provo...

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Issue 8

In many cities, the phrase “spring is in the air”

signifies the idea of a fresh, new start. But in Provo,

I have most often felt that “autumn is in the air” is

even more appropriate. In so many ways, the fall

season brings a sense of energy, excitement and new


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Issue 9

What do you love about Provo? That is the question

I like to ask whenever I’m out and about in our amazing

community. The answers are always as unique as the

person sharing it...