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ISSUE 22 - December 2022

‘Welcome Home’ is the Provo City motto. It reflects how we hope all feel in Provo—whether resident, business, visitor or City employee...

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ISSUE 21 - November 2022

Active transportation is an important part of our community. Human-powered mobility, such as biking, walking, or rolling, is used regularly not only as a spectacular recreational opportunity but also as a healthy transportation alternative...


ISSUE 20 - October 2022

The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded Provo City with its largest grant of $50 million through the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities grant program...

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ISSUE 19 - september 2022

Provo City proudly adopted ‘Welcome Home’ as its slogan. This well-known phrase captures the community we strive to be. Nothing is more important to creating a welcoming city culture than our employees...

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ISSUE 18 - august 2022

Once construction began on Provo’s taxpayer approved public safety headquarters and city hall, I challenged department directors to critically examine their needs and current staffing. Citizens supported replacing our failing city facilities—and it was important we honor that trust with a well-run government...

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ISSUE 17 - july 2022

In 2018, the residents of Provo made a selfless decision that

will impact generations to come. They approved a bond to

build a new police headquarters, fire headquarters, and city

hall—and a new fire station on Canyon Road...


ISSUE 16 - june 2022

Imagine a community where children play, and friendships are born as neighbors work and laugh together while serving one another. My Hometown Provo does more than imagine, it is an initiative that makes it happen...

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ISSUE 15 - May 2022

The existing Provo City complex was built in 1972 and houses three aspects of public safety: police headquarters, fire headquarters and emergency dispatch...


ISSUE 14 - APRIL 2022

Airports connect us to the world! Regional airports, such as the Provo Airport (PVU), provide travel convenience by connecting communities to the national airport system while creating economic opportunity locally...

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ISSUE 13 - March 2022

Government must be open and accountable to citizens. Transparency leads to citizen trust which is crucial for a strong community...


ISSUE 12 - January 2022

A new year is a new beginning! It’s an opportunity to reflect on the year behind us, identifying changes necessary to move us toward a brighter future...


ISSUE 11 - December 2021

It’s been my honor to serve as Provo’s mayor in the

city where I was born and raised. As a community,

we successfully weathered 2020’s unexpected

challenges and I feel honored by your trust to

continue leading Provo forward...


ISSUE 10 - November 2021

During our first annual Economic Summit

Golf Tournament, more than 150 business

and community leaders gathered at Provo’s

redesigned and rebranded Timpanogos Golf

Club to find out the answer...

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Issue 9 - October 2021

What do you love about Provo? That is the question

I like to ask whenever I’m out and about in our amazing

community. The answers are always as unique as the

person sharing it...

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Issue 8 - September 2021

In many cities, the phrase “spring is in the air”

signifies the idea of a fresh, new start. But in Provo,

I have most often felt that “autumn is in the air” is

even more appropriate. In so many ways, the fall

season brings a sense of energy, excitement and new


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Issue 7 - July 2021

When I think of Chief Ferguson, I can’t help but get

emotional. We came into our respective roles as

mayor and police chief in Provo at the same time. Both

naturally cautious, we spent hours gaining each other’s

trust and more importantly, sharing our commitment

for a safe and sound Provo...


Issue 6 - June 2021

This edition of our newsletter looks at one

issue we deal with often here at the city

offices: water. Provo has been, and remains,

forward-looking on this topic, as with so many

other topics...

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Issue 5 - May 2021

Thanks to the support of Provo citizens, construction on our new Provo City Hall is well underway! Once complete, our current Provo City Hall, built in 1974, will be demolished to make way for an exciting 4.5-acre city block redevelopment...

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Issue 4 - April 2021

In the 1980s, a developer wanted to put a road through

Rock Canyon for a project in the back mountains.

Francine Bennion had another vision, one of preserving

the canyon, so she began voicing her concerns, with

tact and eloquence. Slowly, a movement took shape,

and the developer’s project never went through...

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Issue 3 - March 2021

Despite 2020 being historic for its challenges, I am pleased to report Provo is strong and will remain so with a continued focus on four key areas...

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Issue 2 - February 2021

Is Provo a place you are proud to call home?
We hope the answer is always yes! But when it’s not, we want to work together to improve...

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