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Join the Community Conversation

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What do you love about Provo? That is the question I like to ask whenever I’m out and about in our amazing community. The answers are always as unique as the person sharing it.


While I enjoy hearing all of the many things Provo is doing right, constructive criticism is also encouraged. We improve by community building together!


Community Conversations started in September as a way to create opportunities to hear from citizen groups about their unique views on Provo. Our slogan is Welcome Home and we want to make sure that is how everyone feels here: whether it’s their home, workplace

or they are simply visiting.


Communities are made up of groups of citizens who share common and diverse interests, concerns or views. As a city, are we being responsive to the needs of our seniors, as well as our college students? What are the concerns of our small business owners? What can we learn by sitting down with our neighborhood chairs, who

are meeting with citizens on a regular basis?


Did You Know?

Provo City is arranged into 34 neighborhoods, each represented by a neighborhood chair?


Our neighborhood chairs spend countless hours educating themselves on city issues, as well as informing citizens and sharing their feedback with us. They were the ideal group to participate in our first Community Conversation. We’ve shared some of the reasons they love Provo throughout the newsletter.


Now we’d love to hear more from you! Please take the Provo City Communication Survey!

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